Advanced Metal Coatings Incorporated. 

Clients, Projects, and Research

AdMetCoUS has worked with the following Federal, State and Private organizations to inspect, evaluate, solve, and research a wide range of corrosion, scale, coating, and steel and metal problems.   


optima DCHglobal Inc.                                              Corrosion Performance of Weathering Steel at Mataka Station, New Zealand.    (2013)


CDI Marine Corporation                                             Proprietary Contract (US Navy), Norfolk, VA.  (2013-ongoing). 


ASI Limited/AECOM/Hunt Construction/SHop Architects         Pre-Weathering and Corrosion Evaluation and Monitoring (QA/QC) of

                                                                                    Barclays Center/Arena, Brooklyn NY.  (2010-2014) .


ASI Limited/SHop Architects                                     Pre-Weathering and QA/QC of Weathering Steel for Maiden Lane Pavilion, 

                                                                                     East River Project, Manhattan, NY. (2011)


Morrison Hershfield, Canada                                    Pack Rust Inspection and Evaluation of Weathering Steel, Pharmacy Tower,

                                                                                    Toronto, Canada.   (2010)


Federal Highway Administration/Lehigh University                    Improved Corrosion Resistant Steel for Highway Bridge Construction. (2007-2011)


Federal Highway Administration                                     Weathering Steel Bridges,  HPS Bridges, New Steel Development. (2008-2010)


Electric Power Research Institute                            Corrosion and Coating Evaluation of PatinaFormaTM on Electric Transmission

                                                                                    Towers. (2010)


American Iron and Steel Institute.                                  Weathering Steel Bridge Corrosion Performance, Moore Drive Bridge, Kendrick Road

                                                                                    Bridge, Rochester, NY.  (2000-2011)


Jacobs Engineering Group.                                       Bridge Site Corrosivity Evaluation, WittPenn Bridge, Jersey City, NJ.  (2009-2010)


New York State DOT                                                Moore Drive Bridge, Kendrick Road Bridge, Schenectady Bridge. (2001-2009)


 Vanasse, Hangen, Brustlin Inc./NHDOT                 Bridge Inspection and Site Evaluation, Little Bay Bridges, Concord, NH. (2009)


Mittal Steel USA (also International Steel Group &Bethlehem Steel Corp.)    Coupon Exposure Programs and New Bridge Steel Development. (2008-2010)


Atlantic Painting Company                                        Corrosion and Blasting of JFK Memorial Bridge, Louisville, KY. (2007)


Southern Construction Company                               Corrosion Inspection and Evaluation of West Palm Beach Ampitheater, Florida. (2007)


SICOR Pharmaceuticals                                            Proprietary (Product Development: 2006)


ADA Technologies Inc.                                               Proprietary (Product Development: 2006) 


Tennessee DOT/FHWA                                              Corrosion Inspection and Evaluation of HPS Bridges in Tennessee (Martin's Creek,

                                                                                     Clear Fork River, Third Creek, Clinch River, Loudon County). (2005)


West Virginia Turnpike Authority                             Corrosion Inspection and Evaluation of Weathering Steel on Tamarack Bridge,

                                                                                     Beckley, WVa. (2003) 


Townsend Consulting Services                                  Multiple Contracts: Automobile Corrosion, Paint Analysis, Fasteners. (1999-2012)


Clemson University/Clemson Conservation Center   Corrosion of CSS Hunley Artifacts, Charleston, SC. (2003-2013 ongoing)


National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration/The Mariners' Museum     Corrosion of Wrought Iron on the USS Monitor,

                                                                                                                 Newport News, VA. (1999-2012)


CORRPRO  Companies Inc.                                      Corrosion onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt - CVN 71, Norfolk VA. (2004)


Schwab, Williamson & Wyatt, P.C.                           Proprietary Corrosion Evaluation of Printing Presses. (Legal Case, 2002)


United States Steel Corporation                                 Galvanneal Steel Coating Development. (2001)


Louisiana DOT                                                           Corrosion Inspection and Evaluation of the Luling Bridge, New Orleans, LA. (2000)


NSF and University of Campeche (Mexico)               Steel Coupon Exposure Projects along the Gulf of Mexico,

                                                                                     Yucatan Peninsula, Mx. (1997-1998)